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NIV*Engaged Couples Bible-Sea/Sand DuoTone The Engaged Couples Bible

Build your marriage on the Word of God. This beach-inspired sea glass and wet sand Italian Duo-Tone Bible is the perfect gift for any engaged couple. You will find encouragement and inspiration through reading the clear, accessible New International Version Bible alongside twenty-six full-color pages featuring 52 devotions on the top issues you’ll want to address before you get married.

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God’s Holy Word for your special day — A treasured heirloom to last a lifetime

Few things are more sacred or cherished than the joining of two hearts and lives in the bonds of holy matrimony, and nothing is more special or remembered than your wedding day.

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Baby's First Photo BibleBaby’s First Photo Bible

This little Bible book, intended for very young children, introduces little ones to the stories of Creation, Noah and the ark, baby Moses, Daniel and the lions, the Nativity, and Jesus as our Teacher. The text also relates the message of the story to blessings in the child’s life. Each spread features a photo pocket for parents to customize the stories with their own child’s photo. With large, colorful art, simple text, and a padded case, this book is an ideal introduction to the Bible for babies and toddlers.


From Isolation to Breakthrough

Sometimes we go through periods of isolation but I believe that those periods are designed for breakthroughs. An isolation period is when you feel completely alone, you don’t know where to turn or what to do.  This is the time to simply shut down.  This is the time to allow a higher authority (God) to take the reins. We tend to go ahead of ourselves which stresses us out and then we are unable to think rationally or make sound decisions.  We just want to get the work done, get through something, or simply be done with an issue at hand as quickly as possible. These isolation periods are set up specifically for a major breakthrough.

I moved to Maryland in 1999 as a single mother of three.  It was not an easy transition because it was difficult to find employment that would pay favorably in my field.  I was a medical assistant who was only certified in the State of New Jersey and a medical transcriptionist. Prior to moving to Maryland I worked with the Medical Examiners Office, a job I loved and regretted leaving. My title at the Examiners Office was an Executive Secretary which was a glorified name for transcriptionist/typist.  All I did was transcribe autopsy reports and certify death certificates in a medicolegal capacity. My departure from this great job is another story in itself, basically it was a wrong decision on my part.  After moving to Maryland I landed a job at a laboratory as a medical transcriptionist and the pay was lousy but I had to take what I could get because I was responsible for three little girls who depended on me. It didn’t take me long to realize that if you didn’t have a degree your chances of landing a good paying job was quite slim. After two months of being employed at the lab I knew it wasn’t the job for me. I hated it there and the company ran an unusually tight ship, it was so tight that you had to call your managers home to get permission to stay home sick.  I’m not joking.  That job gives me nightmares just thinking about.

At the moment I had a chance of a life time one of Maryland’s biggest law firms was interviewing for a transcriptionist.  Just to get an interview with them was a major accomplishment and so I landed an interview.  I must have been overconfident, because I knew that I was going to nail that interview but instead I flubbed it!  When I got there all of a sudden I went brain dead and forgot how to use the major functions of the computer. I couldn’t find the cut and paste function, the save function and I panicked.  Seriously!  I was so embarrassed, after all I can spell, I type 60-65 wpm and I especially know how to use a computer.  Heck, I have one at home.  What on earth happened?  OMG!  I just had an interview with one of Mary lads top law firms and I made myself look like a fool. Not only did I suffer privately with the embarrassment of being inept at something so easy but I had to stay at that godforsaken job for almost two years before finally landing an interview to work with the State of Maryland.

I finally stumbled upon an ad seeking a legal assistant to work for the State to assist a group of attorneys. I only needed a high school diploma, knowledge of a computer and experience as a secretary.  I had all that they required and I felt that this was my only chance of landing a decent living for me and my girls so I ate my humble pie and went for it.

My interview with the State took place sometime in September, 2000.  The office manager met me in the reception area and walked me to the conference room at which my interview was to be held.  During our walk to the conference room we spoke and laughed as if we knew each other for years.  It was wonderful.  As I entered the conference room my nerves were on edge. Before me were four attorneys just focusing on me, how intimidating. I tried my best to answer all of the questions to the best of my knowledge and thank God most of the attorneys had a great sense of humor.  I stumbled on some of my answers and some of my answers didn’t make sense to me.  Previously I purchased a legal dictionary and some of the words that I learned in that dictionary helped me with my interview but technically I had know idea of what I was talking about.  The office manager escorted me out when the interview was over and I felt confident that all was well, we bonded and we developed a great repoire.

Days turned into weeks and I was anxious. Weeks turned into months and then I was getting depressed. I replayed the interview over and over in my mind and concluded that once again I must have messed up.  I probably said something that I shouldn’t have or maybe I should have said more.  I believe that they saw through my inexperience and moved on to the next qualified person with some kind of real legal background.  I was in a state of isolation. I just went about my daily routine without motivation or inspiration.  All I could do was cry out to the Lord, I had nothing left in me.  I felt that I was a failure.

Nine months later at the end of February around 7 p.m. my husband accepted a call from one of the attorneys who was calling to offer me a position as a legal assistant.  My husband was so excited for me that he told them “She’s a good worker too!”  What a lame statement.  I returned their call that evening and on March 7, 2001 I began my new career.

I have been working with the same people for 12 years now.  I began as a legal assistant, years later I was promoted to administrative assistant and finally just last year I made it to a Paralegal II.  The only degree that I possess is a degree in Theology.

Share your story of isolation with me, let’s talk about it.  e looking for some encouragement check out 30 Days to experiencing Spiritual Breakthrough  – Item No. 113511          Spiritual Breakthrough - 113511 by Bruce H. Wilkinson

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