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By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;

Prov. 24:3 (NIV)


Some parents may feel uncomfortable sending their kids to public or private schools. This can be for a number of different reasons. Outdated curriculums can persuade parents into believing that homeschooling is their best option. Others object to the nature of subject matter taught to students partly due to religious reasons. Parents who believe that schools are unsafe also opt for homeschooling []. In some areas of the country this is indeed a valid reason.

There are a lot of ‘Pros’ when choosing to home school [] a child. The child can be given individual attention, where statistics show that children schooled at home often fare better in academics. Curriculums given by schools may not benefit every student, hence parents are able to teach their children specific curriculum that can benefit them the most. Hiring tutors is a common way that parents homeschool their kids. Those parents who don’t have the time or sufficient knowledge to teach their children should follow this method if they choose homeschooling for their kids.

Homeschooling provides a great way to improve the bond of family members. Kids might also have some extra time for activities that they enjoy since the time spent on teaching can be shortened through home schooling.  Children being homeschooled must acknowledge their situation, because rules set at home might be tougher to be consistent with. However, “Introduction to Homeschooling” includes a detailed section on overcoming common problems that you or your child might face.

Parents who homeschool their kids may need a lot of help as they are not trained educationalists. Going to public institutions will help provide you with some essential information, however “Introduction to Homeschooling” book offers a list of resources you can check out. Many books and video programs can offer a huge amount of information on homeschooling children. Parents can discuss common problems and seek guidance from those who have understanding and experience on the subject.

“Introduction to Homeschooling” is an excellent resource for parents/ guardians who want to implement a homeschooling program for their children. This homeschooling information provides the essential processes needed to be carried out when homeschooling a child. It also gives you study planners and timetables so that your child is able to learn on a consistent level.

You are now capable of providing your children with the tools and education they need to learn without the many problems that occur in regular schooling conditions.

Find the resources you need for multiple grade levels at The NEST

Presents a resource for teaching multiple grade levels or subjects, filled with facts and essential information that will supplement any elementary-level curriculum.

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With more than 250 lists organized by subject, home educators, private school teachers, and other instructors will find important facts and essential information in one easy-to-use resource. The book and CD cover material for elementary-age grade levels in eight academic areas including science, geography, history, the Bible, and more. The book is designed to supplement and enrich the student’s basic curriculum with challenging memory work and facts about great people, important dates, famous speeches, and much more. In addition, two chapters are dedicated to curriculum information, home-school methodology and organization, checklists, and key Web sites for the parent-teacher.


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Operation Worship Bible – Take the Challenge


Appreciate The Military Folks You Meet

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

I met a new friend today, by the name of Anthony, who is a neighbor here in the beautiful southern Colorado countryside. I dropped by his house to ask about his fence (Colonel Wife wants one just like it), and he was kind enough to give me the name and number of the guy who installed it (another neighbor). During the course of the conversation, I learned that Anthony and I have something in common: we were both serving in the 82nd Airborne Division in the early ’80s.

When I meet a combat veteran like Anthony, I’m sometimes embarrassed to say what I did during my military service: I was just a lowly Army journalist, not a front-line trooper like Anthony. But I’m never embarrassed to talk about the unit with which I served. The 82nd Airborne Division is nicknamed “America’s Guard of Honor” for many good reasons, and serving with the 82nd helped give me a combination of confidence and humility that’s served me well throughout my career, from business ownership, to private investing, to working for all kinds of companies from manufacturers to dinner theaters.

Anthony told me he “got blown up” in Afghanistan, serving with another unit (he had moved on from the 82nd). That incident ended a long career with the military, and though he said he still suffers a little from his disability (I couldn’t tell), he’s almost back to 100 per cent. I shook his hand, and I definitely thanked him for his service.

I travel quite a bit, and whenever I’m in an airport I always make a point of having a supply of blank greeting cards inscribed (anonymously) with “Thank you for your service” and which include a $20 bill. I try to hand out one or two in every airport, to uniformed American service members. My favorite airport in which I got to hand out cards was the Frankfurt airport in Germany – and I was saddened to hear that, a few months ago, some terrorists killed a couple of our uniformed military guys in that same airport. Remember this: wherever they are, even in what seems like the relative safety of a public airport in a “safe” country, our military folks are always in danger. Do what you can to give them aid and comfort when you see them. You don’t have to give hand-outs, such as $20 bills, but do stick your hand out and say thank you.

The world is a tough and dangerous place, and the gathering global clouds promise to bring more than just economic storms. The middle east and northern Africa are on fire… Europe is struggling… China wants new predominance but still struggles to feed its millions… and America, the nation to which the rest of the world looks for leadership and assistance, is beset by every sort of challenge from economic disaster to the wrath of Mother Nature. Whether it’s protecting our national interests from armed bad guys overseas, or helping pull little old ladies out of rising flood waters in Missouri, our military folks are out there trying to make America and the world safer and better, every single day.

Whether you agree or not with the “mission” they’ve been given in certain parts of the world, our military members deserve our appreciation, and our gratitude. It’s not too much to ask. And you should always look for things to appreciate. Being good at appreciation is one of the first steps toward becoming good at inspiration.

Last year, stores within The Association for Christian Retail accepted the challenge of sending 100,000 Bibles in 100 days to men and women in uniform. The goal was reached threefold, and this year, the goal is 500,000 Bibles by Dec. 31. Just like last year, you can write a personal message to one of the members of our military on the inside cover of the Bible and then return to a LifeWay Christian Store to be sent. But unlike last year, there is a Bible for each branch of the armed forces, so you can choose which branch to send it to.

Airforce - 610200  Airforce                                        Homefront - 705890  Homefront

  Marines - 610197  Marine

Army - 422154  Army                                  Navy - 610201 Navy

Give the gift that matters most in the place it’s needed most.  Now available for the general trade in green camo, a special edition for the soldiers that serve the United States around the world.