Don’t Give Up!

I’m starting to learn to cherish my best days.  Fifteen years ago I used to work in the medical field in New Jersey.  I was certified in New Jersey as a Medical Lab Assistant, Transcriptionist, EKG and Phlebotomy Technician.  I moved to Maryland in 1999 and my certifications did not mean a hill of beans to anyone in Maryland unless I recertified in Maryland.  Instead of going through all of that I opted to change professions. I decided that I wanted to know what goes on in the mind of an attorney; because the doctors I used to work with were what I would call paranoidally goofy (if there is such a term).  Presently, I work in a law firm full of assorted nuts of whom I’ve learned to love and appreciate.

I was hired by this law firm 12 years ago as a legal assistant.  Outside of the medical profession the only office experience I had was typing, answering the phone and using a computer.  I remember when I first began at the law firm, it was rough.  Habitually, I would refer to the attorneys as doctors, and the inmates as patients, I was glad when that transition was over.  There were a lot of bumps on this road but my coworkers were patient enough to help me through those rough times.  I must tell you that the transition wasn’t easy but I made it.

One of our beloved managers decided it was time for her to retire and when she did all hell broke loose.  It was an opportunity for all of the support staff members to upgrade for a higher position. The support staff members were fighting for the next level positions but management did not want to comply, it was starting to get ugly.  Although I was the lowest on the totem pole it appeared to me that I was expected to stay where I was, at the bottom.  But, lo and behold, I refused to be left behind and I fought to get my upgrade like everyone else.  The atmosphere was becoming thick enough to cut with a knife. People were turning against one another, cliques were being formed, and the drama was unreal. This place would get more ratings than any episode of “The Office”.

Every crowd has its hater.  I will call my haters’ name, “Naysayer”.  I cherish the day I received my upgrade and I was finally promoted to Administrative Aide.  It took almost two years, since our beloved manager retired, for this upgrade to go through.  This day was special for me because instead of the naysayer congratulating me she made a great big deal of being astonished and appalled over my promotion.  She literally stomped out and walked off the job only to return the next day without any retribution. The best part was there was nothing she could say or do about it.  Yes! Gimme a high five!

A couple of years passed by and this time one of our paralegals retired.  I was the next to move into her position but instead I was overlooked and a new paralegal was hired. I assumed that the newbie was hired possibly because she held a degree from a credible college and she had prior legal experience.  Now, I was surprised to know that they were hiring (outsiders) for this position but it didn’t make me act ugly. My vindication was on the way, and it wasn’t long after my immediate supervisor was promoted to Deputy Counsel.  Subsequently, my supervisor’s promotion left room for me to climb the promotional ladder too.  So I presented my argument and my beloved supervisor (Deputy Counsel) agreed that I was entitled to another upgrade.  So she presented my case, armed with my position description that detailed my job functions, to the higher ups.  The result was that the hiring agents agreed that my duties were compatible to the responsibilities of a Paralegal.

Last year on April 24, 2012, Administrative Day, my promotion was approved and I was officially promoted as a Paralegal. I may not have the education but I have the experience.  I am still the lowest on the totem pole in regards to pay but I am equal with my co-workers.  Once again that same naysayer went over the edge when she saw my new title was Paralegal II.  Why was she bent out of shape? Because my bosses did not notify her of their intentions regarding my promotion, and rightfully so, because she is not my supervising agent.  Yes, once again she stormed off the job, she returned the next day without any retribution.  But, I must say that my naysayer finally treats me with respect and I’m not as incompetent as she believed me to be.

All you need to survive in this world is good work ethics, patience and a good attitude.  I don’t have a Secular Degree but I do possess a Theological Degree and maybe that might speak of my integrity.  I still don’t make as much as a Paralegal with a degree but I make more now, than I did when I started.  Guess what?  I Never Gave Up!

Share your memorable moments by reply to my blog.  Let’s share because someone else may need to know that they shouldn’t give up.

For more inspiration read Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In by Terry Dwight Coleman.  Find this and more at Robin’Spiritual Nest

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