Rising Above The Violence

It is time to Rise Above the Violence.  

Genesis 6:12-13 {NIV}

God observed all this corruption in the world, for everyone on earth was corrupt. So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.
We need an ark to save souls from the impending flood that is on the way.  
Those who missed the Ark perished in the flood.

Rising Above the Violence  Item No. 112536



This is a remarkable book, but it is not for everyone. It is definitely not light reading. If you are looking for a book that will cause some soul-searching, that might make you uncomfortable, this one is definitely worth your time.

A great, easy-to-read text for young parents, teachers, and just anybody wanting to ‘see the light’ in this society of darkness and violence.

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Women Risktakers


Item No. 17138

Give five minutes a day to God for the next eight weeks and watch what happens. That means–

Study ONE scripture a day
Commit to EIGHT weeks
Take the ZERO pledge
At the end of eight weeks, the Word of God is going to be more real and alive to the reader than ever before as they gain spiritual insights on issues like friendships, self esteem, and prayer.

Dr. Patricia Bailey wants women to overcome all obstacles, real or imagined, and step boldly into all God has for them. Using examples of great women of the Bible – Rahab, Esther, Hagar, Hannah, Abigail, Debra, and many others – she shows that the common denominator for accomplishing something great was simply the willingness to be a risktaker for God.

God is calling women to a task much greater than themselves – to change their world – And Bailey believes that to do so they must fully understand and embrace the truth that when God gives a mandate He also gives the power to accomplish it. His promises have been proven over the centuries in the lives of women – and are just as certain today.

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A Common Man’s Devotional


Truly when the Lord says, “My ways are not your ways,” He was not kidding.  This devotional is written by a common man with no special theological training or ministry background, just someone who loves the Lord. I believe you can change your life in 30 days. One day at a time. A Common Man‘s Devotional – A 30-day Journey to Spiritual Growth, will help change your spiritual life and enable you to see things with a godly perspective.  A Common Man’s Devotional – A 30-day Journey to Spiritual Growth, will help change your spiritual life and enable you to see things with a godly perspective. This devotional will appeal to the average person, who struggles with every day problems, yet is striving to be better for God.

Robin’Spiritual Nest

Robin’Spiritual Nest

Luke 1:17 CEB:
He will turn the hearts of fathers back to their children, and he will turn the disobedient to righteous patterns of thinking. He will make ready a people prepared for the Lord.
Praise Him – Item No. 23748          All Things are Possible – 
                                                                        Item No. 548037            Light of the World
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Prayer Changes everything               Readers Choice
Item No.4230892                                   Item No. 309364                 
                                                                                              Item No.93159
                                                                          WHERE ARE ALL THE BROTHERS?
Where Are All The Brothers?

Christian Gifts at Robin'Spiritual Nest



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Of Rats and Men: From Mob to Mayor


Goodman (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)


Item No. 2179464

For more than 35 years, Oscar Goodman was the country’s pre-eminent defense attorney for alleged gangsters. His endless client list included Meyer Lansky, Nick Civella, Anthony Spilotro, Frank Rosenthal, Jimmy Chagra, Natale Richichi, Nicky Scarfo, and Vinny Ferrara, along with many others. Though no further connection between Goodman and the Mafia has ever been proved, the famous litigator has often been accused of being more than just a mouthpiece for organized crime. Was Oscar Goodman only what he claims, an attorney who defended his clients based on the simple principle that they, too, have constitutional rights? And if so, how did he manage to mingle with the mob for decades without becoming part of it? After scores of unlikely courtroom victories, Goodman pulled off an even more unlikely career change. Twice elected mayor of Las Vegas, he went from legal spokesman for the most notorious crime figures of our era to political spokesman for the most notorious city in the country.

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Another Chapter-Congratulations 2012 Grads

This That and the Other


The Nest has This, That
and the Other
Find it and more
2012 GRADS
Does Mastercard accept Visa?
The Graduates Bible – Item No. 7415Wall Cross – Graduation/Journey
Item No. 4258654
The Nest is Created and Designed
to Nourish Your Spiritul Mind
Your place for all of your Christian Gifts
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Dad’s Bible

The Dad’s Bible is filled with challenging and helpful information designed to encourage and uplift fathers whose lives will be a priceless legacy for generations to come.

Walking in Authority – 100 articles on how dads should walk in the authority God has entrusted to them
Godly Character – 100 articles designed to teach and challenge
Passing it on – 50 articles about igniting the faith of the next generation
Dads in the Bible (30) – a look at the lessons taught by biblical fathers
Building your Children – 7 articles about nurturing and developing the potential in your children
Insights – 250 articles giving practical, biblical answers to life situations
Question and answer section – how to answer the hard questions
Topical Index
Publishers Description
Dad’s Bible: The Father’s Plan is the perfect gift for fathers, fathers-to-be, and father figures of any age. The Dad’s Bible is filled with challenging and helpful information designed to encourage and uplift fathers whose lives will be a priceless legacy for generations to come. Whether as a personal purchase, a Father’s Day gift, or “just because,” Dad’s Bible is sure to draw the reader into quality personal time with our Heavenly Father.

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The Father’s Plan~A Bible Study for Dads

The Father’s Plan~A Bible Study for Dads
Item No. 705360Image
Experience the Father’s love and become a better dad.

Married and single fathers will benefit from this study that explores the many issues facing dads from a biblical perspective. The Father’s Plan: A Bible Study for Dads encourages men at every age and stage of life to strengthen their relationship with God, building a legacy of faith to leave for future generations.

This seven-week study helps fathers explore fatherhood in the light of the Bible’s teachings. The personal reflection questions will draw fathers into quality personal time with their Heavenly Father, and the group discussion questions will lead dads to reflect on their legacy and to grow in their God-given role.

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Unique Gifts for Dad – Under $10

Robin’Spiritual Nest