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Specialty Coffee’s – Ground and Whole! and Mug Definitions

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Make your SPECIALTY COFFEE experience special with MUG DEFINITIONS by Tumbleweed Pottery

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This, That and the Other

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Jeremiah 29: 11 (Tie) – No. 542677This Nest is Your Christian Bookstore and More

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Something Special For Father’s Day

Item No. 549134

Listen anywhere when you download The Word of Promise Audio Bible to your MP3 player

  1. This world-class audio production immerses listeners in the dramatic reality of the Scriptures as never before with an original music score by composer Stefano Mainetti (Abba Pater), feature film quality sound effects and compelling narration by Michael York and the work of over 600 actors.
    The 11-MP3 CD set comes in a carrying case tin and includes an interactive Bonus Features DVD that includes actor interviews, worship resources, and a fascinating look at how dramatic audio theater is produced.


    Love the Bible on cd’s…the narration brings the words to life much more than just reading it. Actors reading the script are superb.
    Awesome! May 23, 2010
    I have wanted to read the bible, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it because of not knowing how to say certain words or make complete sense of what was being said. When I saw that this was in mp3 format, I had to get, and I don’t regret buying it! It brings the bible to a whole new level that makes you feel as if you’re part of the story itself!

    It just allows you to make sense of what is being said, plus for me personally I can see the all the stories being told played out in my head. You owe it to yourself if you’re a person that loves the bible or just wants to get closer to God, buy this product, you won’t regret it.

    Bible on CD-New King James translation May 11, 2010
    This is great. I can visualize in my mind what I’m hearing. It’s read with feeling and has sounds effects. I listen to it in my car. I read the bible at home and love using these CDs in my car. I think it’s great for people who don’t read very well.The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible
    Is bringing my son closer to the bible May 2, 2010
    I recently bought this for my son on his 11th birthday. He reads the bible when he has time and enjoys it, but doesn’t always have time when schoolwork piles up. Well, this audio bible has really helped because he listens to it often and even wants to listen to it when he goes to bed at night. Also, the dramatization by the actors is quite good and is helping him to understand more of what is being talked about.

    I highly recommend this audio bible.

    Factory Workers Are Loving It!!! Apr 23, 2010
    I work in an automotive parts factory here in Virginia where many of us listen to Ipods and CD players as we work. I purchased two sets of this audio Bible and placed them in the breakrooms so people could borrow and listen to them during their workday. The response from the workers was very favorable – they expressed how much they loved listening to this set. I had also placed a Bible with the set so that people could read it on their breaks. Everything was going splendid for about a month until the human resources representative took them out and would no longer allow such materials in the breakroom. This upset many who were enjoying the material. It’s a sad day in our country when the Bible is banned from our breakrooms. We still listen to the set though. I just keep them in an accessable locker. 🙂

    I highly recommend this audio Bible as it has been very popular with my friends at work.

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Go Nuts For Christ at Robin’Spiritual Nest

Gifts by Forgiven Jewelry are under $10.00 at the Nest.  

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Item No. 11448 

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Give her something Cherishable for Mother’s Day

Unique Treasures are found at RobinSpiritual Nest
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Item No. 205799 NIV True Identity Bible For Women-SC NIV True Identity Bible For Women-SC
Item No. 55515 Grandma I Need Your Prayers Grandma, I need Your Prayers
NIV Grandmothers Bible-HC Item No. 67106 Grandmother’s Bible
Item No. 30266NLT2 Sanctuary Bible-HC NLT2 Sanctuary Bible
The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

Teachers Appreciation Day

Robin’Spiritual Nest
Item No. 423723Journal-Teacher Teacher’s Journal
Item No. 423878 Words To Warm A Teachers Heart Words to Warm a Teachers Heart
Item No. 264410 Bible Accessory Kit-Floral Bible Accessory Kit
Item No. 54275 KJV Gift Bible Black Hardcover KJ11 Gift Bible

R. Dina Jenkins
Robin’Spiritual Nest, LLC
The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8



         This, That and the Other


The Nest has This, That
and the Other
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